March 7, 2011

DUTCHCORNER: Update Christchurch earth quake

The PGA of the 22 February earthquake
was in the range from 1.8 to 2.2. PGA means Peak Ground Acceleration and is a measurement of how hard the earth shakes.  2.2 was measured at Heathcote Valley school and is the highest measurement ever recorded in NZ and one the the highest in the world.

PGA   Mag Depth Earthquake
2.2g 6.3 5km 2011 Christchurch earthquake1.7g 6.7 19km 1994 California earthquake1.26g 7.1 10km 2010 Canterbury earthquake0.8g 6.8 16km 1995 Kobe earthquake 0.5g 7.0 13km 2010 Haiti earthquake

Taken from Wikipedia

I am following a lot of bloggers from Christchurch. I saw this - and for those of you into facts and figures, you might begin to understand why the city was hit so hard.

Marja has written a beautiful post - touching on the realities and emotions of this time - do vist her and read it.

I have a meeting planned in Wellington on APril Fools day.... there of us are from here. At the moment Wellington and Blenheim are getting a lot of quakes too. We are wondering where to book a room to meet that does not plan to sink, lean, shatter, pancake or shed its facade as we run... any suggestions?

Power is still on and off.... was off a lot of the evening yesterday . Life continues but work is on hold... still int he cordon and we have no power or water and alternatives take time to set up.
Still planning on our annual class Kaikoura trip though - off next friday 18th for a break with the dolphins.

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  1. I feel so tense when I read how you all are getting on. I'll keep praying daily; I hope that it helps you to know that.

  2. Thank you for the prayers Scrappy Grams - it is always nice to know people are thinking of us - I feel so lucky to be here, w arm and safe...

  3. Hey there Fi...
    We think of you guys constantly...yet another aftershock over the weekend, we see. Hope things improve soon. Be strong.
    Sending lotsaluv


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