March 2, 2011

I think it is Wednesday?

Driving has become restricted!

Time loses a lot of meaning when you have no clocks working... and why both the battery ones failed this week is not clear, but have to check my phone for time checks... and it doesn't tell me what day it is. Most of us are confused...

Our itty bitty generator gets run for a few hours a day to keep the fish alive, charge iphones, which are our lifelines. Not enough power to also run the tv so we light the candles and listen to the radio. The feeling of being in a war zone gets stronger each day. On the plus side we no longer worry about showers. We manage with washing ourselves and clothes with basins. Putting the pots on to boil first thing is a routine. We have time..... we can read news. I remember we used to have a vacuum cleaner; doing my best with a dustpan and brush instead...

Scott returned to work today - 6 am start, up at 4.30 by candlelight.  He brought me hot coffee and warm cloths and then left me to sleep.. not peacefully - a string of nightmares about ghosts, driving in the dark with no light or power followed by a long plunge over a cliff side. Really not surprising after the events of this year. Finally he rang to say he had been allowed entry to the cordon through work and had managed to get my car away from the fringe.  It was becoming an issue without it but I can now pick it up from the other side of town later.

Today I am having lunch with workmates and many from my new class of students. We are heading to the Raspberry Cafe on the outskirts of the western side of town, away from the liquefaction, abrasive, toxic sand, now being blown around by gusty100k winds.  A large aftershock last night gave us all a rattle, and Wellington got a similar one too... a deeper one, but a taste of what we live with.  I see we have had 4700 aftershocks now... we didn't make 5000 before Xmas but we will by Easter I guess. Check it out


Tomorrow we have a staff meeting. Strategies and plans. Will be another step back.

Do check out website for NZ news... The Press is our local paper

There was a good article today about someone returning to the CBD at 6am today- the desolation, ruins, the abandoned cars and how he walked into an armoured tank in the dark of Gloucester St. His taxi driver said it was worse than Afghanistan and that took 35 years of war.  The article has been removed already - not good for tourism!

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  1. As usual you are keeping the reality of the situation in our minds as well as letting us know how you are. Thank you.


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