March 12, 2011

Japan devastation...

8000 times more energy was released than the earthquake we have just had.  The number is hard to comprehend.
After last week, I can begin to imagine some of the terror they felt.  The quake was off shore luckily - imagine that happening under a city! The videos taken in the homes and offices creates a deja vu feeling in my stomach.  The length of time it lasted and the continual swaying of the buildings shows how well the buildings were designed and hopefully, a low loss of life in the cities.

I can't cope with the extent, the sheer scale, and the added devastation from the waves. The farms and coastal areas engulfed. Huge ships riding ahead on the leading wave showing the force and depth of the water.

A Tsunami - another coastal fear for New Zealand.  One we are warned of repeatedly and perhaps for the first time we will take this fear seriously... How much time did they get to flee.. obviously not enough as so many people were still seeing trying to escape. Many are trapped on upper levels, on the few structures left standing.

They have no cellphones... the terror of not having one has become almost unimaginable to us all now - no contact with loved ones, trying to get home through a city without power, transport, information.
The whirlpool; the film from the air taps into a primal fear since childhood.

Japan quake

Nuclear power station facing issues due to loss of power!
What next?

We take too much for granted... we assume life will go on the same way each day.
We moan about little things.
The world is getting a wake up call they can't ignore.

Japan has supported Christchurch recently... now it is time to support them.


  1. We are so sad tonight, it is hard to watch the news, but I have the weather channel on, haven't watched anything else today. I made a donation to the Red Cross for the humans and to for the animals today...

  2. We have watched the news all day and have been praying for Japan. It is so tragic. I thought of you this morning when I first heard the news. This is almost too much to comprehend.

  3. I hadn't had my TV on for most of the day. I just got home and clicked on blogs I follow. And the enormity of what I'm seeing overwhelms me.

  4. The enormity of the Japanese quake and tsunami is totally beyond my comprehension. I am torn between wanting to know and understand the scale of things and the guilt of thinking that I may be indulging in voyeurism.

  5. Unbelievable amount of devastation and so many people still trapped and missing.

    We do understand the cell phone needs. During 9/11 here in the states, cell phone networks jammed in many areas and that was very scary.

  6. I'm thankful my TV broke in our earthquake and I can't be tempted to watch all this devastation. It's impossible to comprehend something so many times worse than what we experienced.


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