March 13, 2011

Japan: Second Nuke Emergency


A sombre reminder why New Zealand remains nuclear free...
We can't help having earthquakes
We can't help having tsunamis, although the scale of what we saw with so little notice makes me reconsider ever living near the beach - that wave came in 12km apparently....
We can try to prevent scenes like this one.

The scenes at the evacuation centres and the hundreds of thousands of displaced people needing shelter, water, food and safety... makes our recent experiences seem almost puny ... but the range of emotions experienced are the same for everyone affected. Loss, terror, relief. At least we experienced it in summer; they are in near zero temperature conditions.

The Japanese USAR team has left rapidly to return to Japan after three weeks of massive effort for the earthquake here, particularly at the CTV building where so many people from Japan died. A first NZ team of 48 experts is heading over there now to return the help - no doubt more will follow once the scene in Christchurch has settled further.

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