March 23, 2011

Just how bad is the Christchurch red zone? - Campbell Live - Video - 3 News

There is a lot of anger in the city at the moment. Businesses in the centre are still not allowed access a month after the quake. The cordons and army personnel still guard all access points.

In this video, TV 3's John Campbell shows the Press footage taken moments after the quake, and also some taken the next day, before the cordon, when it was still very dangerous. No hard hat... no USAR, not even a high vis vest.. unimaginable today. Why was he allowed in there at all?

I know how hard it has been for us not to have our teaching things from work. Many of the businesses can't relocate without stock and computers... but after our trip up the tower yesterday, I can say I was horribly aware that although the damage was apparently repairable, I really did not want to experience another aftershock up there... and there must be many buildings where access is really not safe in the event of a quake. Perhaps they need to take more video of what is left to show us... for many, the video at the memorial service was their first view of the damage. As we had no power for the first 10 days, we also saw little TV... we knew less than the rest of the world for a long time. Photos do not really tell us enough - I guess nor does video, but people do need some reality to help the grief process. Limbo is hard to move through.

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  1. I missed that. Phew. I'll just never understand how bad it was and is.


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