March 20, 2011

Kaikoura trip and life in the earthquake zone

So, whether it was the oversized full moon, the moon man's predictions or just the expected aftershock pattern of a 1 level lower shock than the original, we just had a 5.1 aftershock centred very near to our house... the biggest since Feb 22nd. Hmmm. I don't think we will ever really get used to them.  Hope we get  a peaceful night.

Tomorrow we are visiting our new campus and hopefully, getting access to the office back in our usual space to grab some things, strictly under the supervision of security and only what we can carry.  We won't be wanting to risk overloading the stairs I assure you!!!  I am wondering what sort of breathing exercises to do to relax before the foray, but pretty sure the four flights without lifts will make me breathe differently anyway!

Others are having hassles - businesses can't get in to retrieve essential items. Getting your car out of the cordon is a nightmare for those who can. Many carparks are considered too dangerous to enter and the cars will be left. There are thousands of cars trapped!

For selected places only -

Car owners should assemble on the corner of Barbadoes Street and Moorhouse Avenue at 5pm on either day.
They would need to take their keys, ID and proof of ownership. Owners should also register their vehicles at
Police said extra safety precautions would be in place to facilitate the cars' recovery from the red zone areas.
Owners should use this window of opportunity as it could be some time in future before another attempt to retrieve their vehicle could be made.
Police asked for owners to be patient and said they should also note the following:
- No one would be allowed into the cordon area to retrieve their own vehicle for safety reasons.
- Anyone collecting on behalf of the owner should bring a letter of authorisation.
- People should be dropped off as there was no parking.
- Just one person per vehicle as space was limited.
- Owners should consider bringing a chair and a book as the process would take some time.
- Shelter and toilet would be provided.

I wonder if the toilet will be a portaloo or a delicately screened chemical model?

Poppy had a lot of fun coming away with us to Kaikoura. She was in the stair well with my friend when the big one hit last month... a friend who is trained in dog behaviour.  She pointed out that Poppy might be traumatised about stairs after being fallen on and screamed all over. I was just glad they were both alright and that my friend had kept a firm hold of Poppy's lead or she could have been lost in the towers and I wouldn't have been able to get back to her...  anyway, she seemed ok with the stairs at my parent's house, but she did plant her feet, sorry, paws firmly and refuse to climb the flight at the backpackers in Kaikoura this weekend, so perhaps we need to work on that issue as hauling her up on the end of a lead is not a good look. Going to take more than Schmacko dog treats to get me up the four flights this week....

We had a great time in Kaikoura with beautiful weather on Friday, although the boat trip was cold and damp with a good swell.. buckets required for many of the team, but one of them got these stunning underwater pictures of the Dusky Dolphins. They remind me of the awe and magic of my first swim with them. So graceful, beautiful and in their element...

Night.... :)


  1. It must be very unnerving to keep experiencing so many aftershocks. Poor Poppy--it'll probably take her a while and a lot of work to be comfortable with stairs again.

    Loved the dolphin pics!!

  2. Hi there Fi...
    It never seems to let up, does it? So many traumatic episodes, for so many people.
    Thinking of you all and sending lotsaluv,

  3. At least the authorities seem to have thought about the mechanics of getting the cars and their owners reunited. Hope its a portaloo !

  4. How awful I feel when I read that you are still experiencing such high (to me) aftershocks, and with each one, anxiety. I pray for NZ every day, and I hope that you can get some comfort from that. I embrace all you Kiwis in thought and prayer. I hope you will soon be able to have a non-moving earth soon.

  5. That was a scary earthquake yesterday. Most have been far worse were you are and that moonman scares me too, although part of me is stil sceptical.
    Love these beautiful dolphins

  6. I know it can't be easy........but I'm glad you are coping and finding some positives to distract you. Dolphins sound perfect for the job.
    Keep riding out those shocks and keep safe xx

  7. More of the personal realities to keep the rest of us aware of what's happening at the personal level outside that which the television shows us. Thank you.

    I'm glad you managed to get away and have some r & r however short the trip.

    The photos are awesome (in the true sense of the word).


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