March 3, 2011

Little more than Dust

My partner spent yesterday working inside the cordon. He has grown up here and was shattered to see the city centre. 
Last night he got up and wrote this 

Little more than Dust

There are places in my world where time has stood still.
And an alternative reality has settled in the quiet.
A place of deserts and ruins, and death and destruction,
lay where my world used to be.
Of memories broken, where silence is spoken,
and tall stone men lay at my feet.
What once were majestic, proud, monolithic tokens,
stand cracked and crumbled with fear.
I remember the places that mankind created,
when an 'Act of Earth' in one day erased it.

A tearing I feel, as the earth turns its wheel,
and rolls off into the future.
I'm part left behind, missing bits that were mine,
fearing the tug of the new surgeons suture.
My heart holds the past; my head holds the future,
but dust fills the void in between them.

So who will shed a tear, when a new town is here,
brighter and better than our last home.
If so many stand strong, and repair what is wrong,
Why do I feel... 
we stand together...


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  1. I've been following you. This just breaks my heart. I cannot imagine the emotional toll it's taking.

  2. I hope that when the time and energy come to rebuild the old style and charm will be retained.

  3. Great Poem Scott. .Its so hard to image what CBD will be like.

    I am hoping they will follow little arrowtowns example .. you can only build a replica image o what was there before . Maybe impossible to do here but some attempt would be nice.

  4. That is a fantastic poem..i love it ... very eloquent - sadly :( Well done Scott



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