March 22, 2011

Mission accomplished

We made it..

Lots of bags - it is only what you can carry so wheels a must - although this one lost both wheels in the rescue
The view from the stairs to the other side of the building - they had lights!!!
The view back down the foyer from the 4th floor -
not sure where the debris was from but didn't appear to be the ceiling above
Sardine effect on the lift door on our floor...
Entering the access point to our office
From the door.. the other two see it for the first time
My desk, and haven at the time - amazing the laptop sailed through it all safely

We managed to retrieve lots... but in the end we also had to leave heaps. I just couldn't find a few things on my list as they are buried in the mounds of paper, or in drawers I didn't get to... but as far as we can see, we can function with what we have for a while.  Perhaps we can make another rescue attempt later if the building repairs are held up, but the tower is not in imminent danger of collapse and has passed engineers reports.  I can't imagine how hard it must be to do this in your home.. it is truly hard to think clearly as everything is not where it should be - there is no order, just chaos and mess to find things. Never even saw my camera.... the trusty iPhone has been doing the job instead for the last month.

I didn't look up at the ceiling in the rush to grab things in our allotted 10 minutes but there was no glass through the papers. Some relief - there must have been power as the laptop was on!  No lights though... not in our side of the building.

A friend found this article full of excellent information and answers on the earthquakes ...

Just click on any picture to see it larger...
The height is related to the number of people affected in the area - the colour shows how intense the shaking was.... I was in the orange zone near the CTV building.

The vertical ground movement - I was in the zone Catholic Cathedral Grammar at work, and Shirley library zone is near our home. 

There is also a horizontal movement comparison in the article... It helps explain the violence, damage and liquefaction issue more clearly...

Well - feeling better now that is over...  :) 
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Great post Fi! The diagrams are very interesting. The photos... heartbreaking really aren't they. You poor thing...horrible not having the time to search for everything you need xx


  2. Is it any consolation at all to know that millions of people are thinking of you? Me too - even though the broadband was only restored a day or so ago..
    Glad you're safe


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