March 1, 2011

Vets taking care of abandoned animals |

Lots of good stories about animals.... and great to see Bridget here too. :)

I know how hard everyone is working to care for the animals, the rehomig, reuniting and vet skills. Donations of pet food are arriving. I heard from Hill's Pet food today they have donated 4 tonnes of pet food to the local SPCA here to feed the abandoned animals, many of which are there because owners have been relocated. People are donating truckfuls as well - and this will all make a huge difference to the ability to make sure they are not starving alone in the city.

Heard a snippet about our rescue on Radio Live today, and Steph was on the midday and 6pm TV news doing her thing with the Animal Rescue team yesterday :) Amazingly I got to see it on the big screen at my hairdressers! As we still have no power at home, I missed it tonight but hope it might appear on a web site eventually.

I heard a lot of stuff at the hairdressers actually... some of it I wish I hadn't, but the achingly slow, painstaking process of body recovery makes a lot more sense to us now. After that, we stood with everyone outside a coffee shop for two minutes silence. I buried my face in Poppy's fur and cried quietly... the first time this week I have been able to and after chatting with a friend from Auckland later, I finally cried again This is so overwhelming; the task so huge and confusing. We have a staff meeting for my team tomorrow and a management meeting on Thursday to start working out strategies..
Little steps.

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