March 9, 2011


Just waiting patiently in a sort of limbo here, balanced between cleaning up the house and trying to think about work. Finally managed some loads of washing and sorting out of the piles of things pulled out to let carpets dry round the fish tank. Cleaned up the damaged birdbath and barbecue in the courtyard and looked again at the music room where the bookshelves collapsed over the piano... Need to document it all in photos as we salvage the music and books. My partner is doing all that....slowly! We did get out to try and work out replacement costs on some of the breakages...light fittings yesterday, glasses and crockery to come. Stood around looking at portable gas heaters too. Not convinced we will get a smooth ride this winter without a lot of power outages and we have no heating that doesn't require power; even the flued gas heater needs it for fan and ignition. So last night I got one off Trade Me.... feel better knowing we have it as a back up... even if you do have to run it with a window open! The current cost of petrol is well over $2 now, higher in the rest of NZ as Christchurch are being buffered from the Increases for a while, so power costs will be an extra burden this year for people in damaged and leaky homes, or just old villas like ours...

Work will restart soon, wherever we can find teaching space. We are in the red zone so no access yet to our models, equipment etc. But they are saying next Monday in today's paper. Also looks as if the work servers will be back up soon so we can try and work/teach online. I am hoping to get my laptop back next week to access the software I need; some of it anyway. So glad my car was rescued last week as many are still in there....

Frustrating to have to wait like this but totally understandable and we will just do what we can to carry it all on.... Meanwhile, the annual dolphin trip is all set for next week. Be a great way to restart.

Poppy is booked in for a bath and clip this weekend...... just to get her used to it. Here she is freshly groomed by us....


Normally she has one ear up and one down... She managed a pretty good Yoda look here.

Stay safe everyone

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  1. Praying for all in NZ. Glad you got a back-up for heat. Warm hugs.

  2. You be safe too, Fi.

    I keep hearing about more people with whom I'm acquainted and the problems they are having. You know, Fi, it scares me and I don't even live in Canterbury. I know that I've said it before. I can't begin to imagine how you all feel.

  3. Living with adrenaline and anxiety is making life hard for us all. Coping with the changes and worries about the future is hard. No intention of leaving, but definitely bracing for whatever waits. Overall I have less to worry about than thousands of others and somehow all being in the same boat is reassuring. Quite sure you have faced worse in the past few years... And on your own.


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