April 6, 2011

Extraordinary Chch quake video shows 24 seconds of horror | News Video

Just 24 seconds. A very short time to change our lives so much. I relived my own experiences yesterday when I returned to my office for the second time to clear up...
I find it terrifying how fast the buildings tumbled in this quake. Our first quake in September, and even the footage we have seen of the recent Japanese earthquake, were a gentle rolling in comparison.
This footage was lifted when a shop owner gained access to their business some time after the quake. We haven't seen much of the actual event - just plenty of the destruction afterwards.
Perhaps this will give you a better idea of the scale... this was taken round the corner from the collapsed CTV building where around 100 people died.

A follow up article today is here:

Two men shown in dramatic earthquake footage have a deeper appreciation for life after seeing just how close they were to death.
The CCTV footage was captured by Christchurch photographer Stephen Goodenough on his security camera in Liverpool St in central Christchurch.
It showed the 24 seconds of the February 22 quake, including buildings crumbling, cars jolting and people gathering in fear in the street.
For Dave Gibbon and Cheyne Jenkinson, who both featured in the video, the extraordinary footage brought back a flood of emotions.
"It was the scariest moment of my life and then to actually see the footage of myself. It makes me bloody happy to be alive," Jenkinson, the man shown in the grey hoodie in the video, said.
He saw the footage for the first time on Monday and said it gave him flashbacks of February 22.
"It reminded me of the day quite severely. It makes you reflect and try to relive the moment and just reflect on all the `what ifs'," he said.
Jenkinson said he was thrown into the road by the violence of the quake.
"I considered hiding under a four-wheel-drive but it started sliding, so I turned around and grabbed onto another man, we looked each other in the eye as if to say, `Oh my God, is this the end?"
Liverpool St was in chaos following the quake, he said.


  1. I continued to be amazed when I see videos like this how quickly things happened. We, fortunately, only have very minor quakes in our area, so I can only imagine (and not really) what it must have been like.


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