April 5, 2011

Hugs from owner for tsunami-rescued dog | Stuff.co.nz

The owner of a dog rescued from floating tsunami wreckage after three weeks at sea is reunited with her pet.
 via stuff.co.nz
Because you deserve to know the happy ending.... here is the rescued dog reunited with her very happy owner...

A dog rescued from drifting ocean debris immediately jumped to her owner and wagged her tail at their reunion more than three weeks after Japan's tsunami.
Toshio Suzuki described last night's (NZ time) reunion at the animal shelter he heads in the tsunami-wrecked Miyagi region of northern Japan. The owner of the two-year-old mixed breed named Ban saw Saturday's (NZ time) rescue on television.
The woman was not identified for privacy reasons. Suzuki said she has an adult daughter and that the family suffered tsunami damage but was not specific.
Public broadcaster NHK aired images of the reunion with the woman hugging Ban and the dog warmly wagging her tail.
A coast guard helicopter crew spotted Ban more than two kilometres off the tsunami-hit town of Kesennuma in Miyagi. It wasn't known how long the dog had been at sea.
Suzuki says the shelter keeps 19 dogs and several cats separated from their owners after the 


  1. Any bit of happiness however small in these terrible situations is cause for rejoicing.

  2. When I saw this on the news, I thought the same thing, GB!

  3. Its a great story, a miracle even....


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