April 19, 2011

Life in the Land of the Long White Cloud: The long cruel winter cometh


I read this blog entry today... and Adrian captured it perfectly...

I wrote him a comment - so, I am going to put it here .. as it says everything I feel today.
Thank you..
As a mature professional woman who is still employed and has minimal house damage, it has left me feeling disorientated, down and tired. We have only a fraction of what some are going through - and we will eat, stay warm, or hope to if the earth settles!
The change in routine; loss of usual friends, places, things all take their toll on us all - wherever we live. No one is unaffected. Yes we are grateful to be alive, and hopeful things will improve eventually, but it is frankly weird that other people can still build with bricks, concrete, and buy stuff and go places oblivious to the things we now notice and value... my children are planning to head overseas.
Changes perpectives,
alters lives, relationships, plans, dreams.
I feel like navel gazing with no view of a future - and it is not healthy.
Today I tidied up - with some pleasure - the first time in 8 weeks i have felt the urge to garden or tidy.
Life seems incredibly empty and we are trying to look outside and plan again - people orientated pursuits being the most important thing - we have to support each other.
Outlook for Christchurch - sunny with a chance of earthquakes.

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  1. That actually gave me goosebumps. What a thoughtful and insightful look into the human side of the aftermath of such a horrible disaster.


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