April 26, 2011

Raw video: 6.3 earthquake hits Christchurch - National - NZ Herald Videos

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Had a few good aftershocks today, so we are always wondering if this means another big one is likely. After watching this newly aired video I was interested watching the shelf stuff falling inwards because it so strongly reminds me of how my office fell apart. All at once! Flung off my chair, I crawled under my desk for safety, never dreaming the building might collapse - the advice they give to drop and cover your head is very good - you really don't get time to run far, or safely, in the turmoil and many people were injured, or killed, by objects falling off the outer parapets, or glass and ceiling panels falling on them. The receptionist on the ground floor of the collapsing CTV building did manage to escape the building - in her case stopping would have resulted in her death. I guess in the split second you have to decide, some people will make the right choice, and some won't.... having a plan is a good idea, and it is why people in Christchurch have a habit of looking up, round and thinking where they are, and where they might be best to go, all the time! Tiring.....

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  1. Click the link under the video if it doen't play for you....

  2. I still pray for all in New Zealand who have undergone such horror, as I do for the peoples of Japan and Thailand and we in the US who are undergoing such terrible weather with tornados in the hundreds for days now, floods washing people from their homes...seems we all have our terrors to confront, don't we? But we will see it through, as always we do,

  3. Thanks, Fi, for the nudge for viewing the video. I've not stopped praying either for both NZ and Japan. I didn't realize Thailand had an earthquake too. Indiana is dealing with flooding in the southern half of our state. And the tornadoes are terrifying. So far, we've just contended with lots of rain; the river is high, but so far no flooding beyond the usual grassy areas close to the river.

  4. that is really scary esp. since things starts shaking and tumbling down so fast!

  5. Just been reading mre about the terrible tornadoes over there Sandi and Scrappy - hope you guys are ok....

  6. Sitting here in Glasgow on a beautiful sunny morning all the traumas of New Zealand and the mid-west of the US seem so far away and I have to remind myself just how small the world really is. One thing now that I'm back in the UK I'll be able to watch the videos. My T-stick broadband is too slow to download and watch many YouTune clips of any length.

    I'm glad, though, to see from various comments you've been making that the Christchurch weather has been more uplifting than in the North Island!


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