April 13, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

I love this ad... the feeling of the world shrinking and technology uniting it. Possibly not quite what they had in mind, as according to Telecom http://www.telecom.co.nz/fromhere#
Everyday, technology is advancing, opening up new and exciting ways for us to connect to the things and people that we love. As Kiwis we've always been an imaginative bunch so, of course, the advances in technology are fuelling our ingenious natures.
Nowhere is this truer than in today's Kiwi kids. Technology is second nature to them, and they are quickly finding all sorts of clever and imaginative ways to use it...like discovering that with a little bit of technology, they can see the sun from both sides at the same time.
So why Whangamata and London?
Somewhere in the world right now the sun is setting, while somewhere else it's rising. At Telecom, this is an idea that captured our imagination, so we set out to capture the magic of sharing a London sunset and a Whangamata sunrise - A true moment of connection from opposite sides of the world.
As Kiwi's the only thing we love as much as our beautiful beaches, is travel - and we love to travel to the UK.
But does it ever really happen?
Yes it does. Because Whangamata is 12 hours ahead of London for most of the year, it means that our two countries are close to 180 degrees apart in longitude. That's the first requirement to make it posible.
The second requirement is that both locations sit on the 'terminator line'. This is the line that defines night and day (the same one that you see on maps when you fly overseas). The terminator line moves with the seasons as the earth turns on an imperfect axis, which is what makes some days long and others short.
The result is that for a handful of days each April, London and Whangamata share a sunrise and sunset, as they are on opposite sides of the world and right on the terminator line.
So if you're in London next April, take a webcam and see if you can create your own, then let us know.
The music is specially written for Telecom....

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  1. Kids in commercials, anything better? Think not. Music is soothing too. This probably is the best thing about technology, keeping family and friends close to us, even when it's half-way around the globe.


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