April 26, 2011

Thailand holiday fatalities & serious illness cases | Sarah Carter New Zealand

At the start of 2011, my daughter and three friends spent three weeks in Thailand. They have many photos that are just like this one of Sarah Carter and her friends. Just like many others that go there.
The only difference is that my daughter and her friends all returned, and Sarah Carter did not.
The risks of international travel are always there but some aspects of travel in Thailand and similar countries need more publicity and awareness. If there is toxin or disease or "something in the water", in Chiang Mai, then let them track it down before more travelers die.
Sarah Carter's father has started this website to help track any issues in Thailand for past and future visitors. Just helping to spread the word.
It wont bring his daughter back, but it might spare some other families from experiencing the grief.

News article on this is at 

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  1. I remember reading this earlier and seeing these beautiful girls, all innocence and grace...hoping that the word indeed gets out and something is done about this...


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