May 12, 2011

2011 April 27 - Into the Christchurch Red Zone. - Ross Becker - Picasa Web Albums

There are some recent central city photos of Christchurch in this collection taken recently... this helps those of us here work out what is going, or gone.
Grief being broken down into chunks as we absorb the changes.
There is an expo this weekend to help the people plan the new Christchurch.... will be interesting to see all the ideas, even if they may be just wishes!

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  1. and thoughts with Spain today - just heard about their earthquake too.

  2. Whenever I'm in Stornoway and meet people I know, the first thing they do is ask about the 'quake (OK a few might ask how I am first as a matter of politeness!). I've just looked at the photos in the album with renewed horror. In all those images it is the incongruity of image 98 that sticks in my mind because all the others become too much to take in. Image 98 is of a former roof between two buildings. The caption is 'This is the roof bridge held up by the 8 small bolts.' Actually those 8 small bolts didn't hold the roof up! Why, in times of trauma, do we focus on the absurd? Or is it just me?


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