May 22, 2011

After The Rapture Pet Care

Some people try anything to get a business off the ground.
It appears we are all still here; maybe they still expanded their pet care empire along the way!

We have been enjoying a warm and sunny weekend in Auckland with Phoebe's family... a treat for Scott's birthday this week, celebrated in style with caramel cheescake - yum!

We ventured into Tornadoland, Albany Mall; the first time either of us have visited a mall in three months and it had to be that one, but the signs of repair were certainly familiar. We are still both reacting to trembles and noises - looking over to check on the other one when the building shook because of some non earthquake related issue!.

Returning home really late tonight - hopefully reunited with Poppy as the kids are picking her up from her kennels before it closes. My looking forward to seeing her is probably the reason why I can understand wome people really being worried about leaving their pets behind...

I knew I wouldn't be leaving -
I had read the flow chart... go and see it for yourselves


  1. Just after midnight so the 21st came and went here too and no one I know left here (well, not that I know of anyway!). Loved the flow chart!

  2. Hi Fi,
    Its lovely to 'meet' you through Rhonda's blog. Thank you for your suggestions for when our baby comes, I appreciate the advice. I will definitely try to relax and lower my house 'standards' or i might go crazy :-) Lovely blog, I will visit again coz animals are very important to me too. Take care,
    Sarndra x

  3. just popped in to see how things are going :-)


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