May 9, 2011

Christchurch earthquake Red Zone streets using Terralink's StreetCam | Colombo Street (facing South)

View Christchurch's Earthquake damaged Red Zone captured by Terralink's StreetCam on 7 and 8 of April 2011.

Street cam

Using this site you can navigate within the restricted areas of Christchurch to locate and view areas of interest. You can view the five photos (three front and both sides) captured using the Streetcam van for most streets within the Red Zone.


Forward_eg Use the arrows to advance forward and back.

Play Click the play button to automatically drive forward.

Select a road or other point using the menu items "Roads and Streets" or "Places of Interest".

Locate and click within the map to jump to any location. Area's driven by the StreetCam van are shown on the map in light blue. Your current location and orientation are indicated on the map by the red arrow St-cam-90.

Clicking on an image will display a larger higher resolution image.


The above help can be accessed from the menu link.

For most of us living here, large sections of the city are still cordoned off and we can't tell what is here, gone, repairable or permanently red-stickered for demolition. My parents were venturing out of their western area for the first time today and have avoided tackling the inner parts at all. To be honest, it is hard to drive it anyway - if it is open, the disorientation of lost landmarks, blocked roads, potholes and blockages make it hard enough, without the utter distraction of looking at the ruins in horror... taking a while to get used to it!
Hopefully, this will help us all adjust to the reality of the state of the inner city - technology opens up our inner city.... click on the link and have a drive through the streets and see it for yourselves, without leaving your chair.

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  1. It goes around quickly My son showed me this when I came home and I saw the rubble on the square next to the cathedral. I am just wondering about the many cars in Colombostreet. Are they there since the earthquake or are they from people working there?

  2. Good question Marja... I understand all abandoned cars have been removed unless stuck in dangerous car parks, so have to guess they are cars from people working inside the cordon.... and middle Colombo St is still inside a cordon.

  3. Seems more of our world is having disaster after disaster...we're waking up to flood waters in the middle US and tornados are tearing us up here in the Southland...our prayers continue for the people of New Zealand, as well


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