May 25, 2011

NZ Vet Calendar | Halfway Day


This year the wonderful students at Massey University Vet School are doing their annual Halfway Day calendar. As well as helping them raise funds to celebrate their reaching midway through vet school, they donate some of the proceeds to charity.

This year the Canterbury SPCA is their charity and they will donate 10% of the proceeds to them.

They said that after Massey University sent a vet response team down to Christchurch is was only logical to continue to support the recovering city.
If you buy more calendars, and they earn more money than they need they will donate the rest of their profits to the Pet Emergency Earthquake Fund.

Massy is full of great traditions so I am spreading the word.

You can preview more from the calendar on their web page ...

2011 is celebrating World Veterinary Day as it has been 250 years since the veterinary profession started. We are all getting together at our annual vet conference in Hamilton next month (sadly it was meant to be here in Christchurch... mutter grump damned earthquakes!!!)

And no, although I took part in many great traditions while at Massey, this one was not one of them... possibly because when I was there 75% of my class were male, and now 75% are female???

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