May 3, 2011

One man dead, many injured after tornado strikes Auckland | News Video

Extraordinary footage of tornado form our main television news, shot by a man arriving at Westfield Mall, Albany.

This tornado started at Albany - very close to Mark's workplace. It has badly damaged Westfield Mall where we eat lunch with the kids when we visit them in Auckland. It then crossed over the harbour towards the central city.
If the video doesn't play - click on the link below the movie or paste the other link into your browser.
Nothing compared to the many hundreds of them America is dealing with - but certainly something out of the ordinary for Auckland. We have had 4 in the last 100 years, although two were in the last two years.... hmmm

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  1. Your country certainly seems to have had more than its "fair share" of disasters this past year, even if the same could be said for several other places across the earth as well.

  2. I've only just been able to download and watch the videos - broadband problems here mainly. The tornado and the problems in Hawkes Bay combined with the Christchurch situation are stretching my ability to take it all in - particularly as I left Napier just as all theses problems in Hawkes Bay were becoming so serious.


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