May 14, 2011

R I P Bailey Buttons

Sad day.
After much thought, delaying and procrastinating, we had Bailey put to sleep today.  Her desperately erratic and unsociable toilet behaviour and her food allergies were making it impossible to keep her going, despite her affectionate and loving nature.

I once wrote about her here;

She is buried by our front door, under the cat statue... so we will think of her often.

I mentioned to someone recently who had lost their own cat "they leave footprints on your heart".

I will miss her little cuddles and head butts, and her chats.


  1. A sad day indeed but what a wonderful place to lay her to rest and be able to remember those head butts and chats.

  2. Oh dear. Poor Bailey. Best decision though, she was obviously getting trickier to live with and may have ended up pretty uncomfortable and unhappy.

  3. aww RIP kitty :( some decisions are hard but for the best.... xx

  4. Dear Fi...
    I'm sorry about your Bailey. Sending love and comfort.

  5. I am so very sorry to hear this sad news! My sincerest condolences. As one who has had to undergo that separation from beloved cats quite a few times in life, I most definitely empathize. I do believe you'll meet again, though. Here's hoping.

  6. And she was put to sleep because she could not be "toilet trained"? Am I understanding it right? Sorry to hear that.

  7. I would love to think that if that happens to me there will be someone to be equally as kind. When we take those decisions we don't do it lightly and I think that animals with considerate minders can count themselves fortunate when their minders are willing to take such painful decisions.


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