May 30, 2011

What the Minister told the Councillors about land retreat Sue Wells – The New Canterbury Tales

On that scale issue, I have now heard repeated comments that Art Agnos who was mayor of San Francisco during their terrible quake was astonished at the enormity of ours. Theirs was confined to a relatively small area. Ours is huge.

That will make us the centre of attention for study for seismic activity for a long time. It’s now thought that we are looking at a longer term seismic series. (The latest guess is apparently that we have a 23% chance within the next year of a shake between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale, and dropping to 10% over the next 2 years. There is a chance of over 90% that we will have another shake between 5 and 6 in the next twelve months, dropping to over 70% in that two year horizon. Nobody was able to answer questions  about Mercalli scale or g-force or depth so you can take those figures for what they’re worth. What we are seemingly certain of is that you shouldn’t put your blu-tac away just yet.)

It’s likely too that we will be a monitored as a case study of how a community rebuilds after an event which is so big and so transformational. With every week that passes, it is clearer than before that we are not talking about picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, being the same and doing the same things. Our community and our city is undergoing a metamorphosis which is physical, human, psychological. None of us individually or as a collective will ever be the same again.

If you’re into statistics grab hold of these.

We have to completely replace about 300km of our sewer network. We have to repair 600km of roading network and replace more besides. Add into that our water and stormwater damage and with the Crown’s help we will be spending $500million per annum for five years. That is ten times what the CCC normally spends on capital expenditure. It is enormous.

An excellent article from a local councillor, Sue Wells, discussing some of the issues facing Christchurch residents.
Click on the link to read the whole thing. This is just an extract. The figures and predictions don't reassure me....

It is -2C here today... winter is here. What has been bearable is definitely going to be harder for many eastern residents. Having to use a public portaloo down the street, repeated power cuts and no fires/chimneys are big issues, and a particular concern for the elderly and young families still living in the eastern side.

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  1. Brr... unreal what your city is enduring after all the time has passed since the initial earthquake. I continue to pray for you Kiwis daily.

  2. Checking in to see how things are going. So sorry to read that you lost Bailey Buttons.

    You've certainly got a long row to hoe, but we're confident you'll be back better than ever when it's done. And you'll have all that new infrastructure that most governments don't want to pay for until it starts actually falling apart, which happens here a lot.

    Jed &Abby


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