June 29, 2011

aftersocks - Fundraising to support Canterbury


A great idea - have ordered mine!!!

By purchasing a pair of aftersocks™ you are donating to the rebuild of our garden city - Christchurch, and supporting employment within the Canterbury region.
aftersocks™ are a dress style sock, featuring 56% merino wool for warmth and are manufactured by a family-owned, Canterbury sock manufacturer.

Currently there are two sizes available: 3-8 (Women’s), and 8-12 (Men’s or larger Women’s).

Show Canterbury you are behind them by wearing a pair.

All proceeds from aftersocks™ go to the Christchurch Mayoral Fund. Please help us help Christchurch

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  1. Great idea but one of those occasions when my size 7 feet seem small (which, for my height, they are).

  2. Cool idea! We saw some slip on shoes at Ziera yesterday that instantly donate $20 per pair sold to the CHCH earthquake relief. Great ideas out there. xx

  3. I've tweeted it on - this is a great idea.

  4. I have ordered us two pairs of Mens... GB I am sure you can order some women's if you want!!! I don;t imagine they will be any different, just the right size....

  5. I hadn't though of that. Thanks. I'll give it a go.

  6. What a great idea and of course a good cause. We have friends in Christchurch and they 'survived' as best they could.
    I will check out this site.....I really like NZ merino wool.....the best!
    Thanks for 'following' me along in this blogisphere of ours.
    It's nice to meet you.

  7. This sounds spot on perfect. I wear a New Zealand merino wool sweater 3 seasons of the year...the best. I will spread this around. Cheers!


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