June 15, 2011

Aerial footage and a quick update

All so sad.
Many smaller shocks overnight, but a break for nearly six hours to let us sleep a little more peacfully. Generally we sleep through the smaller ones, but most people woke to the larger 5.0 at dawn. Not that we do much - takes more than those to make us rush for doorways now, but it does put you on alert .
We cleaned up Monday night - and yesterday managed to buy some brackets for the bookshelves. Not sure they will help as my friends brackets just tore the wall out... personally I think we should just pack it all into boxes and leave the shelving empty... and today I started taking more pictures down. Feels a bit like giving up.
We lost a huge fish tank at work and although able to save the fish, it created a mess. It has been cleared tpday - tomorrow we start again on the offices and classrooms, but the students will not return until Monday, so I am retimetabling, again. I know it is hugely stressful for them, and the staff, but there is not a lot we can do but adapt. There is still time to complete all of it.
We are one of the lucky ones. We have power and water and a home. They are putting in a heat pump today to replace our broken chimney which will be a step forward. Mainly we are just tired, more than a little stressed, not sure what the ground has in store for us, what impact it will continue to have on the city, let alone individuals and their homes.
Lots of positive thoughts and community support... but a lot mroe needed to ensure the well being of those most badly affected in the flooding and cold.
Overall I still feel better today than I did last on this day last year .


  1. Even the French national radio covered the latest quakes this morning . What will people do now ?

  2. I honestly don't know how you all carry on, It's enough to drive you insane...xxxxxxxx

  3. Sad to think of you taking pictures down. Our bookcases are all attached to walls, and have stayed attached, but the books flew out in a great heap.

  4. what cant be changed must be endured or whatever.... probably a fair bit of insanity and a lot of counseling happening already. This week has made us all realise there are no rules for what to expect, except that we are being warned to be ready for another big one. I hadn't expected to be on the cordon fences for the last big one on Monday, surrounded by falling rubble. I really don't want to be on the fourth floor in my office for another after two biggies there and yet the odds of being there are high.
    Still, life is not all bad. The new heat pump is wonderful! I hope the house stands for long enough for us to appreciate it!


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