June 27, 2011

Emperor penguin comes through surgery | Stuff.co.nz

Three lots of surgery and he (she) is still going. Great to see the technology being used and the expertise. FIngers crossed for success and an eventual relocation to his real home.

I quite envy him.... I have to wait a month to see the orthopaedic surgeon .... so not even a scan in the meantime! and no, I can't go privately.
Getting pretty good on the crutches and working out the muscles. I start physio tomorrow so will do my best to recover without any interference.

We are having a massive cold snap and It is a struggle for many here to stay warm in their leaky, damaged homes. We are really appreciating the new heat pump! I guess one benefit for local skiers is that it means Mount Hutt finally opens this week as they can make snow - which is later than usual as Arch was killed the first week they opened last year, which was the week of the 14th June. I saw our doctor again today' the first time since the accident. He said some nice things... all small reminders of the accident and loss and the anniversary.

On a happy note, Jaz finishes her radiotherapy this week.
You can follow her journey at http://treacytravels.blogspot.com
and Mark too - http://markdadtreacy.blogspot.com/

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  1. that little guy (gal) is going thru quite a lot!

  2. Fascinating story. It has reached the news over here, so I am glad to find something else about it from a trusted source!

  3. Well, Happy Feet the emperor penguin made the news here in Iceland. I was glad to see this status update ...


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