June 14, 2011

Live footage of aftershocks following mag 6.3 earthquake + damage in christchurch 13 June 2011

Even as he films there are a number of aftershocks....

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  1. Good grief! Hope your water and gas pipes weren't ruptured with this one. And that your electricity is back on by now. The stress of living with quakes with no end in sight must be dreadful. Too bad you can't pick up both Islands and move to a more stable neighborhood. Hope you have the good china packed away in well-padded crates for the duration. Surely the next 12 months have to be better than the last 12.

    Jed & Abby

  2. OMG...I just can't believe this is happening again...I guess I should but don't want to face reality. Please take care of yourselves and your families and friends. I've been complaining about the incessant rains here on the east coast of Canada but...no more...your world is much more tentative and stressful. We are thinking of you...be well!

  3. Will there ever be an end to this???? Just awful...love to all. xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. that's what I've been wondering...how much longer can this last? I'm sending this message, "Hello, God, this is NZ, we'd like a rest!"


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