June 19, 2011

Mother Nature strikes again ...


So true -
"We are tired and we are scared. We're sick of shovelling smelly silt, of picking up broken crockery, and diving under our desks.

We want our old, mundane lives back – the lives we had before we had any understanding of what liquefaction was and before hard hats and hi-viz jackets became mandatory in the city centre.

We want the ground to stop rocking and we want to feel safe and secure in our homes again.

For most of us, the ties that bind us to Christchurch are too strong for us to simply up sticks and leave, so we cling on to the belief that things will get better – and hope and pray it happens fast."

In another article today, the residents of nearby Liggins St, like many other sunken suburbs this side of town, want out. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-earthquake/5163427/Battered-resi...

This street is on the other side of the river from our house, across Horse Shoe Lake walk. I will try embedding this google map - if it doesn't work, I will go and take it out later!

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We survive on our side on the outer northern loop of the river offshoot in a small pocket of sandhills, in an original wooden farmhouse, raised above the swamp, with, so far anyway, no liquefaction. The original settlers built our house on the high, dry land.... the later developers drained the lower swamps. Two sides of a coin. More than anything else, reading and seeing this and the effect on these families, knowing the element of complete luck that led to us living here, in this house and not over the river, saddens me greatly. I hope they clear all the land and leave it to be swampy wetlands again.

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  1. Sometimes we just push our luck too far. I've been watching all the new housing going up on what was - until the Napier Earthquake - seabed and wondering 'Would I ever buy one there?' I think not.

  2. We hear nothing this side of the world about the aftershocks you guys are still getting.
    All sympathies..

  3. Im really glad that you have no liquefaction, things happen for a reason and our families have been through enough over the past couple of years without the stress of that horrible muck and the drama that goes with it.


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