July 19, 2011

Christchurch July 18 - CBD red zone - Ross Becker - Picasa Web Albums

The latest pictures from the centre.. for the benefit of those who live a long way away and want to see the progress in the "deconstruction" of the city.

We spent quite a while figuring out what was missing and trying to picture what it used to look like. Reality is that in many cases we can't.... but everyone can appreciate the empty spaces.

Life goes on in the malls and suburbs where many of the business have moved to and we can only look at all this nostalgically over the cordon fences.... the true impact is yet to come.

It was another sunny day today, so we headed North and had a look round the new houses in the Pegasus town area, checked out the lake (mill pond calm and deceptively inviting as there was no wind), had coffee with friends at Waikuku and fish and chips as we drove home. Nice being on holiday.....

One of the pictures shows the massive crane being assembled for the Hotel Grand Chancellor - there are pictures on facebook of it towering high above the 22 stories of the hotel - the tallest crane in New Zealand at the moment.

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  1. Even locals don't get to see these shots. I know what you mean about not being able to remember what used to be there.

  2. I suspect that if I arrived in central Christchurch now I wouldn't even know where I was. And it was such a distinctive place.


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