July 23, 2011

Christchurch Red Zone Video | NZ Raw

I took this video out of the car window.

So far I’ve only really seen photos of damaged buildings in the city centre and no videos. The photos I’ve seen only tell so much of the story. They each show a single location.

Quote from the page:
Last week, after not being allowed access to our Tuam Street office since February, we were finally given the go ahead to retrieve essential equipment from the office. As we were escorted in by CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) staff, I took this video out of the car window...

For some reason, it’s almost more shocking to where a building used to be rather than the damaged building itself. Driving past the site of the CTV building was an eerie feeling. It was very strange to be driving along Cashel Street and look left all the way to Latimer Square.

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  1. Shes buggered! Its a shame but Im looking forward to the new inner city

  2. wow dear that still gave me a little shock again So many empty spaces


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