July 25, 2011

Christchurch Winter Snow

Virgin Snow

So we went to bed with heavy snow, and got woken by texts from Auckland after seeing Christchurch on the news.  We got our Winter Wonderland!  

 We haven't had decent snow like this since about 2006, although we had a light fall a couple of years ago. The big blizzard here was about 18 years ago. I wonder if this will cause flooding with the river levels rising? We can hear the snow avalanching off the roof!
We are not alone.... looks like much of the country is getting it, apart from the north half of the north island. 

Anyway - as we snuggle by the fire and adore the clean fresh view of the garden we will enjoy being on holiday and take the dogs out for a walk later.  The power is going out over large parts of the city - so might have to get the portable gas fire going, but meanwhile, the new heat pump is doing it's thing and we have the main gas fire going too.... but neither will work in power cuts. At least the earthquake has got us set up to cope with all that. 
Welcome glow
West along the road

The driveway out to the road this morning - definitely no work! 

Poppy checks it out
 Poppy is now curled up beside me by the fire after an exciting wake up playing in the snow.

 And it is still snowing - beautiful :)


  1. So beautiful!!!!! Lucky you...xxxxxxxx

  2. Caitlin and I are ooooh and aaaah over these. I know it's cold and then messy afterwards. But .............WOW!!! J & C xxxx

  3. It looks beautiful I wonder though how long we are going to be trapped. In Holland it snows more often and everything goes on. Here it is too dangerous to drive.


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