July 8, 2011

Haunted by Naked Mole Rats

I am being haunted by Naked Mole Rats...

I wrote about them once before... with pictures...

Then today I saw an article on them as being the possible secret to eternal youth as they live a long, cancer free life...

What's ugly, has a tail and holds the secret to eternal youth? Meet the naked mole rat...
These East African animals live for 30 years, seven times longer than a normal rat, and they seem to be immune to cancer. 
Researchers at the University of Liverpool have just finished mapping the mole rat’s genome structure for the first time, in the hope of understanding what keeps them so healthy.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2012492/Naked-mole-rat-East-Africa-holds-secret-eternal-youth.html#ixzz1RVcOnevu

I distinctly remember the feeling of mild revulsion, and amusement, when I first saw a picture of one of these... but I really haven;t thought about them again until today. Then tonight on television they showed a picture from Cake Wrecks. if you haven't discovered this site, they feature weird and wonderful cakes and the regular mistakes made in the finished product. 

"When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong..."

Seriously - A Mole Rat Cake????

If you don't believe me - this is on their Creepy Crawly Cakes Post. Go and see it for yourself. 

Now, I am going to try and forget about them again for a while :)


  1. oh oh ohhh cake wreck yes i've had many a laugh over that site :)

    Speaking of moles... i had to rehydrate some really dessicated ones in London last year... and inject them..was kewlll. See..

    The furry kind are so dang cute!


  2. I'ts horrible....a penis with feet & teeth! xxx

  3. That's one cake I could not eat in any imaginable circumstance. They are certainly not the most attractive creature on this earth but then if I were a Mole Rat I might think that he/she was a really attractive specimen. Everything is a point of view.

  4. Oh yuk Tracey. Now I'm going to have to walk around the rest of the evening with my legs crossed.

  5. Patricia, as John McEnroe would have said 'You can not be serious!' Surely......

  6. I wouldn't be hungry anymore when presented that cake

  7. LOL funnily enough Mole cake featured on an older episode of Graham Norton show last night.

  8. HI! I was just wondering what show this was on and if I could find a clip somewhere. I made this cake! The woman I made it for told me someone had seen it on tv. Thanks!
    I'm on facebook at Cakes by Cristy

  9. Hi
    Yes it was on The Graham Norton Show

    Season 6, Episode 4 with guests
    Sue Perkins and Michael Bublé

  10. Gosh! That's a very accurate cake!!

    Very strange creatures indeed.

    Got your message about Facebook, happy to friend but don't know your name to find you!?


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