July 2, 2011

Lost Christchurch: Remembering Our Lost Heritage

Days of old.... but it does appear they had earthquakes back then too. Sad they didn't appreciate the impact it would have in the future of this lovely place!

Auckland had a small quake tonight - a 2.9.
Even as Cantabrians stifle a smile at the thought, we do appreciate that in an area that doesn't usually get them, this would feel unsettling.

Just checked our stats... shows date of last shake of that Richter magnitude...
1 02-Nov 11:21pm 3
2 01-Jul 01:32pm 4555
3 01-Jul 10:34am 2244
4 29-Jun 02:27am 297
5 21-Jun 10:34pm 27
6 13-Jun 02:20pm 2
7 04-Sep 04:35am 1
Total: 7129

Been a bit quieter lately, which is nice, but leaves us wondering what is in store. I heard tonight there are a lot of emergency services around today as they are listening to predictions there might be a big one because it has a) been a while since the lat one and b) there is an eclipse happening with planets and sun lined up.... but there is also reduced solar flare activity so this reduces the chances....
Perhaps the tea leaves will be more accurate?

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  1. It may make Aucklanders a tiny bit more aware of the realities of quakes. I think living in Napier makes one more aware even if I still find the Christchurch situation hard to come to really understand.

  2. I didn't need to know about that prediction of a big one - ignorance is bliss!

  3. I've been finding myself a bit nervous after the earth has been quiet for a couple of weeks.


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