July 25, 2011

Miss Poppy's Feeling for Snow

Might stay home today

Broken branch and buried car

Down the drive / right of way

Looking back at the house - more branches down - and we can't get the snow off
Thats a patch of singed hair on Jess - trying to get too close to the warmth! 
Horseshoe Lake
By the lake


  1. This SNOW dog living in tropikhal Pawsylvania USA is SNOW furry jealous!

    Please be one with the white fur me!


  2. Ahh it takes me right back! To our snow in February I mean... Is this much snow normal?

  3. It only snows occasionally here Macy... Not every year and it has only snowed three times in the 14 years I hVe lived here. The last really big dump like this was 1991.
    Icy today. Might have to dig ourselves out of the gate soon...

  4. Snow always looks and feels great so long as one doesn't actually have to do anything in it.

    I never managed to finish the book. It's still sitting on the bookcase waiting for the last bit to be read.

  5. Snow still here. Crusty, icy and slidy snow now. Well done GB.. Not many have read the book at all! I loved the thought ff all the words the Inuit have for snow... Although not sure it is true.
    I actually went to the movie once too.. Not as good as the book of course lol.
    Sorry you never finished it :(

  6. I've just got it out of the bookcase again this evening. CJ's read it and thought it was brilliant. Said it's a love it or hate it sort of book.


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