July 24, 2011

Poppy barked at the strange snow covered man

Having some decent snowfall here now ... but Poppy didn't appreciate seeing it all .
Off to keep warm and see if we wake up to a Winter Wonderland :)
Just hope the fragile electrical infrastructure keeps working. The increased power usage will probably plunge us into darkness and the snow won't seem so great when we are freezing inside as well as outside:(
Back with more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Snow can be beautiful, but not if you aren't warm & cozy! I bet some of the bloggers in parts of the US would welcome it right now!!

  2. I see Polytech is closed today, so you and Poppy should have time to frolic in the ever-increasing snow. Hope you're keeping warm.

  3. Lovely to enjoy the day at home... it was a struggle to open the gate- don't think I could have got into town today even if I had to!
    Glad you didn't venture out too far yourself Ruth!
    I am appreciating not having to use a portaloo...


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