July 31, 2011

Snow, Murder Mystery and a Céilidh... the week in Christchurch

The snow has gone... the last lingering bits cling to the roadsides, but we are left with only memories.

Digging their way out to get to work.

How did he drive with no clear windows

Memories - and the damage... a new chainsaw has made short work of the tree that lost so many branches.....

 Poppy has enjoyed her week but took advantage of the sun to warm up at a friends house.

The Camellias are on their way. It is spring in a month!
Last week we went out with some of the clinic staff to  Murder Mystery Dinner... it had an international theme as we travelled from France, to Rome and onto Scotland... and was very funny.

This week we carried on the Scottish theme and joined many assorted people to celebrate a friends 60th in a little hall, far out to the west for a Céilidh.  They reeled until the witching hour, finishing with a lovely waltz and Auld Lang Syne.. a lovely night of good fun and a chance to catch up with some friends from work. 

 Scott took to the floor with the birthday girl..

Typically some of the highlights of the night were the picture of the birthday girl face down in the snow, naked... taken last year, and the enthusiastic dance caller, resplendent in his kilt, proving he was a true Scotsman in some of the more animated reels.

New term of the new semester starts tomorrow. Two new classes, many new faces... three returning classes of familiar faces and for all of us,  a heavy workload.  At 10 am we have a paid union meeting. I support the need to argue for the new pay and contract conditions but the thought of having to stop work and picket dismays me... the timing really could not be worse, but i guess that is the reason for it. As the only one not actively teaching first thing in the morning, I will have to go. The nice thing about being a vet was we didn't have to do all this :(


  1. Such a sweet shot of Poppy in the sun! Love the camellia against the blue sky. And the Mystery Dinner and birthday party sound like so much fun!

  2. I like snow. I like Christchurch. I like Scotland. I like cèilidhean (being a Scottish cèilidh I think the accent is a grave not an acute). I used really to enjoy murder mystery evenings. And who couldn't love Poppy. All in all, Fi, your post real;ly hits the spot.

    Shame about the picketing though. It's a hard one in these difficult times. Being in the UK at the moment though makes me realise just how strong NZ is economically in comparison despite all the adversities.


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