July 29, 2011

Tour of the Christchurch CBD red zone - July 29th Christchurch - NZ Herald Videos

If you know Christchurch, you might recognise some of the places.... or more accurately, where some of them used to be.
If you don't, then it will give you an indication of the status of the deconstruction of the city. Perhaps that should be desecration...

“Results seen in people that have experienced post-traumatic growth include some of the following: greater appreciation of life, changed sense of priorities, warmer, more intimate relationships, greater sense of personal strength, and recognition of new possibilities or path’s for one’s life and spiritual development”


  1. The second paragraph... So sad that it takes something drastic or tragic to bring us to our senses sometimes. It's the truth, though. And God bless those who had to get there via that rocky path.

  2. My personal experience confirms the 2nd paragraph. Although, in my case, the trauma was different (the sudden death of my husband 1 1/2 years ago) and yet similar, because it deconstructed my life and came upon me like an earthquake, without any warning.

  3. Thanks Suldog and Librarian...
    certainly seems to be working for us.

  4. My two year old is now convinced diggers eat buildings.

  5. Wow what a big change. I love your beautiful quote about post traumatic growth


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