July 14, 2011

Two-headed snake turns heads at pet store | Stuff.co.nz

I am not a snake fan, but I am interested in conjoined animals. I was fascinated to read about the problems this snake will have if it sees the other head eating and that it will have to be stuck together to prevent them trying to tear themselves apart! Click on the link to read more.

I am on leave next week - probably won't go away but looking forward to some catch up time and stress relief. The leg is heaps better thanks to some great physio ... hopefully no need for any more interference from the surgeon, but I will have a nice visit to the podiatrist.... not that they can stop me tripping over foreign bodies on dance floors! Knock knees however can be helped.

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  1. ouch, on your surgery! conjoined snakes! like small and nontoxic snakes, but wouldn't want to worry about its killing itself.

  2. That was fascinating, Fi! Thank you.
    Hope your leg gets better soon.
    Sending lotsaluv

  3. Very mixed feelings about that one, Fi, in all sorts of ways.


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