July 18, 2011

A visit to the seaside....

Shag Rock
I read Adrienne's blog today showing some pictures of Sumner after the earthquakes.  It was sad, because we had lunch in Sumner not long before the February quake, sitting across the road from the Museum, and the RSA.  It was a glorious, warm day at the time, peaceful; everything that lunch at a seaside resort should be.

So  as I am on holiday and it is another sunny day - crisp and cool, but blazing sunshine, we decided it was time to drive out there again.  So far I have only made it part way to Redcliffs, which I wrote about here in April, but this time we followed the containers and the raw cliff faces all the way along the estuary.

We all say photos cannot do justice to the reality. I stood and leaned on the car, looking up at the sheer scale of the ravaged cliffs, the damage to homes and lives,  and it seems so much worse when you are really there

Redcliffs - click to enlarge

Entering Sumner

The Coffee Shop

The once peaceful coffee shop is cross the road from much of the destruction in Wakefield St.  I hadn't realised just how close it was until I stood there again.

The view from the coffee shop in January- Museum to the right, RSA to the left

This youtube video shows the rockfall on the RSA Building - just click on the link to see it.

All you can see now- click to enlarge
Prince William there recently- the far left of the above photo, before the containers.

This video shows the footage of the damage to the area.

Our favourite beach front cafe is closed but we walked Poppy along the top of the beach, on the footpath, away from the contaminated water, enjoying the sea breeze and the beautiful view, finally stopping for a coffee at Underground, a friendly cafe with special waterbowls for dogs.

I even managed to check out the op-shop.


  1. All these beautiful places i was in sumner just after the prince was there and haven't been since. It's so sad to see all of it.

  2. Once again, the devastation is still all around and clearly it'll take years to rebuild. Sadness pervades...I hope everyone can find some "hope" in all this chaos.


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