July 11, 2011

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Hereford Street
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Message from Fiona Richardson:

The latest pictures taken in the central city red zone are in this album...
Taken to record the history of it all.
For posterity.

The hard bit is watching an alien landscape appear. The city you knew, or thought you knew, is vanishing daily. The spaces are filling the centre, making it almost impossible to tell what, or where you are looking. Lone landmarks stand in a barren wasteland, where once lived a crush of buildings and vibrant activity.
Driving has become a voyage of negotiation through new shortcuts where buildings used to be, long detours round closed roads, changing ruts and mounds, scary areas of flooding and sandbags.
We went through the Lyttleton tunnel this weekend, for the first time since early February. Definite concern about driving in and out of it... new road layouts, endless instructions, dim road lighting in the wet, dark night.
We landed up at a remote, but excellent concert out on the sea edge; the only entrance (and exit) hard against a sheer rock face, already barricaded from recent falls. The seats on the far side hung out over the sea. Driving home along Anzac Drive... the devastation made us silent.

On the plus side we had two wonderful events yesterday: fantastic breakfast with the clinic at Crafted Coffee Company in Blenheim Rd - wow - and on mentioning it to my daughter, she said she did the design drawings for it. Small world... then on for a class reunion at Addington Coffee Co - op , which was also humming. Finally we headed off to see my parents and James and Jess - a fun filled day of hot sun and good company and amazing food!
We managed to fit in Transformers 3 at the movies ( nice wee aftershock in the middle) and have already booked for Harry Potter - so we also had a quick rewatch of the last movie, and I am now reading the last book again... third time lucky. Cant wait to see it.

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