August 29, 2011

Follow Happy Feet with Sirtrack - NZEmperor


At Sirtrack we are very excited about following the travels of emperor penguin "Happy Feet". We have created this website together so that we can share his journey with the world.
Happy Feet has been fitted with a Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 Satellite Transmitter which will transmit signals to satellites twice a day for three hours. Transmissions from the KiwiSat 202 will allow us to monitor Happy Feet's position as he travels. Each new position will be plotted on the map(link) so we can all follow his progress. It is not known which direction Happy Feet will travel, hopefully back to his home in the Antarctic, which makes this all the more fascinating and such a rare opportunity to learn about the movements of an amazing animal.
Today one of my past students Angelina came up to talk to the current class of vet nurses in training about working at The Nest at Wellington Zoo. She is quite famous from many media stories, most recently as one of the team nursing the Emperor Penguin, nicknamed "Happy Feet" back to health. She has earned a few nicknames herself from the people visiting chat room that has been linked to his live cam feed - my favourite is "Shovel Girl".

Tonight he started his journey home, accompanied by the vet from The Nest, Dr Lisa, who suffers seasickness and faces a month at sea until the ship returns to New Zealand. Yes the forecast is for gales.... but apparently she is well stocked with a range of medicines... probably as many for her as she is also carrying for Happy Feet!

The penguin has a tracking system attached which will last until he moults in about four months. This will help work out where he heads for, or where the Orca he becomes a meal for swims??? Doesn't bear thinking about!

He is also microchipped and this can be picked up if he appears in the right places - but as he is a juvenile, it might be a couple of years before he returns to where he was born.
Angelina assures us he is a good weight, energetic, hard to handle and that Dr Lisa is planning to blog from the area ( assuming the drugs work to allay the seasickness)...

There is a map on this site to help you follow his progress...

All the best Happy Feet and thank you Angelina for a great talk :)


  1. Just popped in to let you know that "Thinking"'s blogs have both been removed. Again, thank you for your help. WM x

  2. I can't believe that he's recovered! yea for the vets and others who have done this! I'll be watching on Sirtrack. Thanks for letting me know about it!


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