August 11, 2011

Humans, owned by cats

I had to wonder about this when i saw it this morning. Certainly a cat that knows how to get what he wants...
His name is Migou and he lives in Taiwan. I am glad to know you all like it.He is a mixed breed cat. He was a stray cat and his age is 3 now.He is a lovely and smart cat for he often brings joy to me. finally my hands didnt get hurt and thanks for your caring.

Tonight one of my students put this on facebook...
I felt a sense of deja vu...

funny pictures - Kitteh Komic ob teh Day: How Cats See Humans
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We are down to five cats... and one of those lives next door....  I wonder what life would be like with just one?


  1. Life with just one is ok - and the vet's bills are high enough with just that one ;-) Thankfully, while my cat certainly sees me as one big food dispenser on legs, she has never abused me as a scratching post. That's what the cherry tree in front of the house is for.

  2. What a clever cat. very cool and a hilarious picture. i know all about it.


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