August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Evacuations

One of the many lessons learned from previous hurricanes and natural disasters is that people will not evacuate without their family; for many people, this includes their pets.  After Katrina they found people living in flooded homes in terrible conditions but they still refused to leave because the rescue boats would not take their pets. 

As we wait to see the impact on Irene on America's north eastern cities, the news is reporting not only that rescue shelters are taking pets, but that the NY yellow cabs have been mandated to take pets.  This is great progress.  I know that that many pets are still going to be abandoned, misplaced and separated from  their owners as a result of the storm but hopefully many will also be saved, and perhaps more importantly, their owners wont risk their own lives.

The ASPCA says pets are welcome at all centers.
If you do bring your pet, remember to also bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination and medical records, a leash and muzzle, a crate or carrier, and pet food and medications for animals with special needs.

Great to see the sharing of information that is possible with social media in the face of disasters. The use of Facebook is letting people share stories and warnings, and with smart phones, as we learned during the earthquakes, this still  happens even when the power has gone down and you can't rely on television...

According to this special Facebook page above, one of the posts said:IMPORTANT TO PET OWNERS: The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Act (PETS) requires state and local officials account for the needs of individuals with pets before, during and after a disaster. If you have a mandatory evacuation and they are not letting you take your pet(s) PLEASE stand your ground! More and more states are opening up ALL shelters to pets. You and your pets should NOT be turned away!

This is a great site and offers up to date posts from people in the affected areas and the passage of the storm.
You can look on Twitter too - search for Irene, or #Hurricane Irene for a constant stream of updates... or look here for Irene updates...

Also found a great page showing what is trending on Twitter worldwide - anyone can look and see the updates - you don't need a twitter account.

Want to know more about Hurricanes? Watch this National Geographic video
Hurricanes 101

Apparently Irene is nearly twice the size of a normal hurricane  - that link shows pictures of satellite images and comparisons to Katrina, Ivan, Andrew etc.  Usually they are 300 miles across but Irene is 290 miles to her centre.....

Please share the information about pets with anyone you know in the affected areas. 

Our thoughts are with all the people and hopefully the storm will be less devastating than the size of it predicts. 

Kia Kaha


  1. I have a cousin stuck in New York right now. I pray that he is safe. we prayed at Mass tonight for all those in the path of Irene.

  2. Just popped in to say thank you so much for your help regarding the plagiarising blogger. I will let you know what happens. Carol x

  3. i was watching the live report yesterday for the whole day and was relieved that the hurricane become a tropical typhoon and did not cause much damage. i have relatives in NY and they are all safe.



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