August 6, 2011

The New Poppy

After an early start to get my daughter to the airport, I spent the afternoon taking Poppy for her first official haircut.... not just a wash and brush groom - the whole works today, and Hairy McLary lost half her coat, has plucked ears and feels lovely and soft.

Having left my phone at home (shock gasp horror) I asked my friend to use her camera and we managed to get her to sit still just long enough for a few photos before she raced off to lose the bow and acquire a new layer of mud.... my friend did well to get the tongue in action. Many thanks to Sharleen and her able dog bathers Laurin and Sarah, three of our vet nursing students, who have done a wonderful job...

While they did the deed, I wandered around a local mall, getting a birthday present for Mark ready to send... as I sat addressing it to catch the post, I realised their address was on my phone..and no amount of careful thought would bring it to mind. So it is still here, and will have to be posted on the actual birthday. Sorry Mark - thinking of you!!! And GB - a classic example of why I hate being without it. No map, no contact list, no camera, missed meeting up with Scott even though I drove past where he was after he finished work... and he was trying to ring me. But of course there were compensations and alternatives instead.

Off to watch the All Blacks play the Wallabies at Eden Park - the delayed match sadly as we don't have Sky Sport. Better stay off Facebook for a while so I don't ruin the suspense.


  1. so adorable! love the red bow Aren't we humans silly wanting bows and such for our dogs? But people smile when they see such as Poppy with a red bow, so it's so worth it.
    If I remember that I don't have my cell phone as I get in my car, I turn around and go back into my home to get it. I don't memorize people's numbers any more because they're all on my cell. Oh, my, such laziness or forgetfulness on my part.

  2. Seriously cute. I love the bow!!

    CJ xx

  3. Quite the good-looking pooch!


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