August 20, 2011

Snowy Mountains | Christchurch Daily Photo


I was admiring this view myself today when I ran my son to the airport... the mountains are totally white.
Love this view across the city... although quite a few of the buildings will be gone before long... particularly the Grand Chancellor tilting on the right, and probably the stadium on the left.

Apart form that a gorgeous warm day - a chance to relax after spending yesterday working in Wellington, vist a friend to enjoy the sun and walk the dogs.

After a nice lull, we had a 4.2 waking us at dawn this morning. First shake I have really noticed for a while - a small reminder of things, but perfectly happy that it wasn't happening in central Wellington yesterday where I still prefer not to have to look at all the high rises and glass ! There was a brass monkey southerly at the airport - I even got back in the taxi while paying as I felt like I was going to take off myself as he played around with the credit card machine....

Off to see the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra performing At CBS Arena in KiwiSoul tonight...
Last week we caught a performance by the local improv group, Scared Scriptless now based at Heaton Intermediate on Fri and Sat nights - brilliant and we laughed to the point of tears. Catch them if you can...
Next week I am looking forward to seeing Scott singing in the Arts Festival tent in Hagley Park with the Pops Choir. Great that we are getting lots of places to go - loving it :)
Keep warm

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  1. That view makes the chilly wind and miserable weather all worthwhile. Hope you're okay after our wee wobble tonight.

  2. calling a 4.6 just a wobble! eek!
    lovely shot of the mountains!

  3. Yesterday night we got a 4.2 and it was shaky as it was located in somerfield. Everytime when you start to forget about them they shake you up again. The photo is stunning I saw the mountains from the quarry

  4. The wee wobble 4 last night was while we were waiting for the orchestra to start... the entire arena caught their breath.. as one orchestra member later facebooked, you know you are from Christchurch... the audience then clapped!
    It was a slight worry that the area we were sitting in creaked and squeaked with every movement... I put my phone in my pocket and hung my keys and torch round my neck for the performance - just in case!
    Two more overnight. A swarm of quakes.

  5. A post which gave a glimpse of an 'old' normality. It comes to something when 4s are being almost shrugged off.

    The photo makes me long a little for the view of the Kawakas I might well have when I return to Napier.


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