August 16, 2011

So peaceful

New Zealand has ground to a halt in the snow... the 50 year storm.


We are having another day at home... work is shut, the clinics are shut, the students safely at home, as are my children. The roads are not the best place to be... and the heat pump is doing its thing keeping us warm, although the defrost sessions are becoming very necessary!!!

There are things we are meant to do today... but looking at the snow I doubt we will make it.  Or more accurately, I am not sure I feel they are worth risking the trip, the possible accidents and panel beating and injury... even as I write, the sky is darkening again and fresh snow is falling. There is more to come.

Poppy alternates between exploring the snow, which is still dry and powdery and easy to shovel, and sleeping contentedly on a faux fur rug, a lap, or in front of the gas flames.  A great life surrounded by a captive audience of all the people she loves.

Hope you are all coping around the rest of New Zealand.... Auckland even had some snow yesterday. They are getting strong winds and damage so not escaping the storm...

The only thing we worry about now in Christchurch is the power cuts.... or another good earthquake!


  1. The power companies recommend clearing the snow off the outside unit of the heat pump to reduce the defrost cycles.

    Keep warm and safe.

  2. Let's try this again...

    This Siberian is enjoying getting her snow fix!


  3. brr...your area looks the way ours looked last winter! so that wasn't an air conditioner but a heat pump?
    cute shots of Poppy!
    I certainly pray that you don't get any quakes during this; in fact, I've been praying that the quakes will stop.

  4. At that stage snow always looks so beautiful. I'm wondering, though, how it was in Hawkes Bay (telephone calls to be made later!) because the windows at The House (where I live in The Cottage) were being replaced by double glazing today. Not a good day to open a house up to the elements.

    I hope the earthquakes and power cuts stay away for you!

  5. Pretty to look at but l am a snow hater to live in it. Bad enough in UK l couldn't live where it is more and deeper though.


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