August 6, 2011

Treacy Travels: Thankful Thursday: What a year it has been!

I haven't written much about the family lately but I just wanted to say that Jaz has put up a lovely post to celebrate the first year of the anniversary of discovering her tumour. She has faced the fear, diagnosis, surgery and treatment so bravely and managed to write about muh of it here.. with Mark taking over post op for a while.
If you have been following me, you will already know some of the journey, but you can read back on Jaz's own blog to find out more.
Meanwhile we are just so happy she is here, or rather there, as we miss them being here in town, but back driving and doing stuff again.
Mark also has his own blog - do go and have a read there too :)
And of course - Happy Birthday Mark for tomorrow - wondering what we can give you!!!!

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  1. What a year it's been for your family one way and another, Fiona. Here's hoping that the next twelve months will be more settled!


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