September 6, 2011

Christchurch changes - a picture says a thousand words

The Red Zone of the CBD is out of bounds to the public so we can only see what is happening through videos and photographs...

Just when you think you are getting used to it all you see something that reminds you of the enormity of it - like a slap in the face.

Cashel Mall - Bridge of Rememberance last summer - taken 22 December 2010 - after the Sept earthquake but before February..... 

More of Ross Beckers' pictures are at!/CHCH_EQ_Photos

He intends to upload them to the Picasa site in a couple of days - all the previous ones are here too.

You might also like to check out the Quake stories site - 
This one from the weekend sums up how many people have changed their habits this year... do go and read it all..

We now have got an old push button- plugged into the wall- home phone again. 
I have 3 emergency kits – one in each car and one at home. 
I continually carry cash in my wallet. 
I no longer spend time in shopping malls.

The city might have been split into areas depending on the impact the quakes have had, but the memories and needing to be prepared affects us all... 

Library #eqnz on Twitpic


  1. Wow the comparence of these two photo's is a shock indeed. That doesn't look good The aftermath for many is indeed also enormous and easily overseen

  2. It's all amazing to me, so far away from it. Thanks for chronicling so much of it for us.

  3. The Mall is a street I knew reasonably well. I cannot comprehend the change.


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