September 18, 2011

Graduation, Rugby, Spring....

Been busy this week with marking exams,  the reunion dinner and finally, the graduation of last year's classes. The ceremony would normally have happened in March; in fact for some of them, it was delayed from last September, but finally, those that could make it got their chance to formally be recognised for all their hard work, and it was really lovely to see them there too. 

The Town Hall is unusable post February earthquake, so we used the local CBS Arena instead, and although it felt strange for the staff, I still felt the ceremony was the same. The hairs on my arms went up when the students from our NASDA group performed - so much talent on that stage! This time the visit to the arena was not accompanied by an earthquake! This venue is our main performing arts place now, so I have been there three times lately and felt quite at home collecting the robes and hoods and stoles earlier in the week. For the first time in 14 years I didn't have to worry about hat hair... the earthquake destroyed a lot of the hand made trenchers so they were saved for the students only. 

Some of the students get given Graduation Bears to remember their day .

It was great to have the All Blacks visiting here today.  We get to see all the games we want on television - but it is sad not to have the fans here cheering on their teams as everywhere else seems to. On the other hand, we haven't got the traffic hassles either.

Nice article in today's paper.... click the link to see it all.

Quake damage puts rugby in perspective for All
New Zealand All Black players inspect the devastation caused by the February 22 earthquake as they tour the affected areas, in Christchurch, on September 18.
Video of the day is here, including soem of the celebrations.

As I write we are all still recovering from last nights exciting encounter, with Ireland beating Australia - and today France have beaten Canada. The French game made me think of Angus and GB - Angus,  because he will be watching it from deepest rural France amongst the locals, and GB because he spends haf his year living In Napier and there was some lovely film on tv tonight of Napier celebrating having these two teams staying there. To top it all off GB is currently touring France too.
Next week France play New Zealand at Eden Park - one to be watched!

Spring has really arrived... ChCH EQ Photos Facebook

I will leave you with Ross Beckers latest photos of Christchurch, taken from the Port Hills, which I have copied from the ChCH Eq facebook site
It will be available on his Picasa web albums too ...
These lights will run every night from 4th Sept until 22nd February to commemorate the earthquakes.

Lights of Hope in Cathedral Square

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  1. Great the students had their graduation The bears are cute. I've seen some of ross Beckers photos and it is amazing how many empty spaces there are already in the city. The photo with the lights is nice. I saw them yesterday night.
    Still thanks for sharing my photos :) You're a good blogging friend


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