September 3, 2011

Spring time!!!

While I hobble round on crutches, my children have weeded the vege garden.
I sat in the sun and watched - better than any video!!!! Huge thank you to you both :)

Yesterday I saw the first newly green tree seen in the outer CBD area that I have actually noticed - a real reminder of spring. The daffs and blossom are so confused they were out in the snow, but this felt right.

It is a glorious sunny day and I have been sitting in the son talking to my son's Mother in Law about life in the city post earthquake... the children are also buying a house so there was plenty to talk about.

Thanks to my lovely partner, the house is tidy, the shopping is done, and he helped me bring in the washing... and we got to eat more of the soup my Mum made for me yesterday - feel guilty being off my feet again and very grateful for the help.

I have a new respect for public toilets after being taken to the CBS Arena in a wheelchair. QUite a mission indeed. Life at that level is also very different - in terms of being seen, and what you see yourself. My kitchen got a spring clean today - all from below bench level, the part I can now see clearly!!!

On the plus side, Poppy loves the fact I sit around and take care of her. Her habit of sleeping on my sore knee is not so great... but at least I have managed to reduce the pain relief today.


  1. I must have missed a post or two, I had no idea you were on crutches and in a wheel chair. Good to have help for the jobs we usually take for granted in doing ourselves!

  2. Wow, weeping willows don't look like that around here.

    Good luck healing!

  3. Blue sky! Blue Sky! Blue sky!
    Long may it last!

  4. I sometimes wonder about things! I know that I wrote a comment on this post. I know I did. But how I managed to lose it I do not know. I'm just trying to catch up. But what did I say?

    I do hope that spring makes its mark and that Christchurch in general and you and yours in particular see a cessation of the physical and mental turmoil that has been thrust upon you in the last year.


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